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HT 18, Low 60
Daniel Webster was a strong advocate of the United States Bank, and his speech on the subject in May, 1832, was an important one, while that of September,1837, in the Senate, in opposition to the Sub-Treasury Bill is regarded as "one of the most effective of all his arguments on the subjects of currency and finance." His defense of the Constitution in January, 1830, ub a famous speech, won for him the title of "Defended of the Constitution," to which this token alludes. As the leader of the opponents of Jackson's policy, Webster's name appears on several of their tokens, and it is interesting to note that his first great speech in favor of the United States Bank was met by the token issued by its adversaries and the first described in this work, which declared "The Bank must perish" but "the Union must be preserved," yet the Union had no more strenuous upholder than the great supporter of the Bank.

(Rulau 9th Edition)