What The Experts Say...

HT 20A, Low 62A.
According to Low, silver examples of Low 19 and Low 62 were struck for “Capt. Davenport”. Certainly less than a dozen specimens are known of this rarity, which is somewhat more common than its Low 19 sister in silver.

The last time one of these pieces appeared at auction was in PCAC’s 1999 Hard Times Sale where an uncirculated example brought a modest $3080.00. In our Landmark II Collection of 1990, Lot #14, a VF/XF example brought $3080.00. Greiner (1989) had a “proof” which brought $3740 and in Oechsner (1988) an XF with PL surfaces fetched $4400.00.

(H. Joseph Levine, PCAC, The Charles Litman Collection, December 6, 2003)

Although mentioned by Low, this issue in silver was not assigned a separate number. It is a mate to Low 19 (and see those two for the background of both issues are discussed). Low 62A is “commoner” than Low 19, with perhaps 10 specimens known, most of which are as pristine as this. Low 62A is, perhaps, the only “collectible” silver piece in the Hard Times series.

(Stacks, the John J. Ford Collection, Part IV, June 23rd, 2004)