HT 348       Low 77       VF 30 BN       R-5   

Bucklin's Interest Tables. 1834. Copper. 28.5mm. BALE N.Y. signature appears on reverse. Details...

Rev: A tiny mark at the right of "CENTS" is the only blemish in an otherwise pristine surface. It is almost impossible to find a nearly problem-free Bucklin's piece such as this.

Well centered and well struck for the variety with only a few letters weak and none missing, and therefore quite rare as such. This token is signed "Bale NY" in small letters on the obverse, a detail rarely observed on this variety because of the lettering size, poor strike and general wear seen on all but a handful of specimens of this variety. This piece is superior to the Rulau plate token which displays significant damage. Rulau does not list grades higher than VF.

Steve Hayden mail bid sale #26, December 9, 2006, lot 580.

   HT 353       Low 92       VF-35       R-1   
Bucklin's Interest Tables. Copper, 28.5mm. 1835. T* under date.

Crudely struck as always. This is by far the most common of the Bucklin pieces.

   HT 354       Low 92A       VF-20       R-3   
Bucklin's Interest Tables. Copper. 27mm. 1835. No T* or True ALB below the date. If you look hard enough, you can almost see a 'T' below the date, indicating the HT-354 is a later-stage die progression of HT-353.

   HT 355       Low 93       XF 45 BN       R-4   

Bucklin's Interest Tables. 1835. Copper. 28.5mm. TRUE ALB under date. Details...

Obv: Minor striking weakness at 2:00, which is typical of this piece.

Rev: Die breaks add visual interest. Faint signature TRUE ALB. can be seen below the date. Reverse die breaks are almost always seen on this piece, indicating the reverse die deteriorated early on in the minting process.

Stack's November 12, 2003 sale, lot 1340.

   HT 357A       Low 145       VF Details       R-4   

Bucklin's Book Keeping. West Troy, N.Y. (1835). Smaller thin flan. Copper. Weight of 6.4 grams and diameter of 27.2mm, but heavier than Rulau's 4-5 grams. Details...

This piece is equivalent in quality and grade to Rulau plate. Very dark toning overall. Good looking token for this variety and impossible to find better.

Rev: Some pitting below "T" in TROY and in "E" of KEEPING.

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